Wood Selection

Since the soul of an electric guitar is in wood it is made from, Fibenare uses only the highest grades of hand-selected tonewood from all over the world but mainly from the Carpathian Basin.

The wood is dried naturally for several years then shaped according to best luthier traditions, with care and skill, to turn into the finest quality guitars.

Wooden Design

The wooden look is one of the main characteristics of Fibenare guitars. It is not only about proving the wood and its quality used for the instrument, it is also about the esthetic look of each instrument which is strongly emphasized.

Handmade Guitars

The entire process of manufacturing of Fibenare instruments is handmade and individually controlled. Making of each model of Fibenare guitar and bass guitar portfolio is hand made from the very beginning of wood selection, during shaping and controlling the ergonomics as well as during the visual finishing.

This approach ensures the maximum care for making every single instrument which means maximum control over the finishing instruments and over the quality of materials and technologies used. Each instrument becomes in fact the original.